A location-attribute is an attribute used to assign a location to a block object (box, circle, cylinder, diamond, dot, ellipse, file, oval, or text). If a location-attribute appears on a line object (arc, arrow, line, move, or spline) an error is issued and processing stops.

There are three forms:

The second and third forms are equivalent and only differ in the "." that comes before the edge name. PIC does not recognize the second form, only the first and third.

If the "with" clause is omitted, then "with center" or (equivalently) "with .c" is assumed.

This attribute causes the block object to be positioned so that its edgename corner is at position.

If a block object omits this attribute, then a default location-attribute is used as follows:

The first default form is what is normally used. The second default form is only used if there is no "previous" object.